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2016 annual summary and recognition of the group held a grand meeting
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In of the coming of the Spring Festival, to learn from the past, the commendation advanced, looking to the future, in the morning, on January 25, 2016, one thousand annual summary and commendation congress held ceremoniously process! Nanning Millennium Arts & Crafts Stock Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary in one thousand: nanning millennium bug Arts & Crafts co., LTD., Nanning Ambor Household & Stationery Co.,Ltd., Nanning QF Science & Education Co., Ltd., ZhongShan APPE Lighting Co,.Ltd.Of all the staff together, review the past year's work, the forecast plan envisaged in the coming year, to meet new opportunities, new development!

Nanning Millennium Arts & Crafts Stock Co., chairman of the meeting, nanning one thousand, general manager liu first do 2016 annual work summary statement, he said, in the past year was an extraordinary year, while facing the external economic environment and the internal management of the company are two sides of the pressure, but also achieved good results, it is 2016, one thousand technology company completed shareholding system reform, through various departments concerted effort is completed listings filing work; Two is company standardization and refinement management made some achievements, quality, cost, system perfected, management ability to ascend, for the future companies will face a difficult situation to lay a solid foundation; Three is the enterprise to implement industrialization layout is more clear, product diversification, and enter the predetermined market segment, planned mining enterprises to develop new opportunities. In the past year, although the company has some weaknesses, but believe that under the joint efforts of all staff, we can make up the shortfall, create better results.

A year in the future, liu do the new work deployment, one is make upgrade of the manufacturing enterprises, to product quality, price, delivery speed, service, staff work efficiency and cost control to a higher level, make customer satisfaction, employee income rose to a new level; The second is to make the marketing agency upgrade, further strengthen new product development, and constantly optimize channel mode, continuously improve the marketing personnel work consciousness and style, make sex Wolf marketing team, to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprises. Three is to further strengthen the elaborating management work, make everyone involved, strives for fine, scientific decision-making, control all aspects of operating costs, strive for the elaborating management in 2017 to a new level; Fourth, we will improve the team independently, special examination, do have according to the assessment of each work results.

In the past year, all the staff work, continuous innovation, the company of all the work to get good grades at the same time, also emerged a group of advanced representative, in recognition of his (her) outstanding contribution, from 18 advanced individual of each position was awarded the "annual production pacesetter", "outstanding employees of the year" and "annual outstanding management cadres" title, and awarded honorary certificates and bonuses, to thank him for his (her) in the model leading role in the work, let the company has valuable spiritual food. All employees are in the most warm applause, congratulations to all the colleagues to honor! For all the staff of this years of hard work, the company expressed heartfelt thanks, the year 2017, let us in the same boat, struggling to move forward, efforts to create a better tomorrow!

Company leaders to award honorary certificate and bonuses

The conference ended in everybody applause!

All staff in order to receive them after the meeting, a happy holidays! Wish all staff and partners family happiness! All the best! Happy New Year!

All employees get the necessities and a happy New Year!